When you volunteer...

It improves the likelihood that children will volunteer as an adult

Lend a Hand


Your donation is an investment in our community. Each gift - large or small - helps remove barriers and create opportunities for low-income individuals and families struggling to make ends meet. Your gift can be directed to support a particular program or cause or you may choose to donate to our general fund. which allows OFO to put the funds where its is needed most..

Program Wish Lists

OFO relies on the help of the community to meet annual budget-matching requirements. Through non-cash donations, such as volunteerism, supplies, and professional services, you are helping OFO achieve its mission. Click the link above for ways to help us realize our mission.

Volunteer with Us

In addition to having an impact on your community, volunteering can be a great way to develop skills, learn more about career options, make friends and new contacts, get exercise, spend time with kids, or even just shake up your routine. At OFO we welcome your unique skills, experiences, and perspectives. Contact us today to learn how you can help make a difference.

Help Us Fundraise

With your assistance, we can raise funds for needed items, services and programs. Joining us on our fundraising efforts also offers you the opportunity to meet people from across your community, including many with whom you may otherwise not have had contact. Click the link above to find out how we can work together to improve our community.