If not me, then who?

Become a Navigator and be that person who makes a difference in the lives of our Neighbors struggling to break free from poverty.

Opportunity Community

The Opportunity Community model is a national movement designed to create the types of communities we all want to live in. Efforts focus on increasing the capacity of our Neighbors living in the crisis of poverty by pairing them with trained community volunteers – called Navigators – who facilitate access to resources and support for moving out and staying out of poverty. The Neighbor-Navigator connection is unique to each pair and can be as short as 6 month or can create a lifetime friendship.

Neighbor-Navigator pairing will take place at the Opportunity Conference scheduled for May 12th in Oneonta. This inspiring event is the start of the journey where Navigators and Neighbors meet one another. The conference also aims to also remove shame, rebuild hope, and reduce the isolation for our Neighbors living in poverty. The event will be facilitated by Dr. Donna Beegle, a nationally renowned speaker who broke free from a life of generational migrant-labor poverty.

I'm a Neighbor and want to come to the Conference

I want to be a Navigator


Wish List

All Neighbors participating in the Opportunity Conference will receive a basket of items that cannot be purchased with SNAP/food stamp benefits and children attending the event will receive a book bag of school supplies. If you would like to donate items to this cause, please view our Wish List.


Navigator Training
Opportunities for Otsego can only assist as many Neighbors as there are trained Navigators. To this effort, OFO is hosting Navigator Training on Monday, April 30 from 5:00PM-8:00PM in Oneonta. If you are interested, contact Autumn.

Anyone can be a Navigator
Navigators are community members who agree to become trained to understand different experiences of poverty, to learn the structural causes of poverty, and to gain communication and relationship building skills. Navigators commit to sharing their contact information and to using their networks to assist their Neighbor to access resources and support for moving out and staying out of poverty.

Specialty Navigators are members of the community who work in organizations that provide resources or opportunities (colleges, hospitals, housing, courts, etc.). Specialty Navigators agree to take and return calls from Navigators and to assist them in understanding how to navigate their system.

Super Navigators are people who have experienced poverty, but have made strides to move out. Super Navigators offer support to Navigators who struggle to connect with their Neighbors in poverty.